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FAQ – Building a Custom Home

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Click on the questions below for the answers to some of the most common questions. Click again to close.

How do we have the time to build a custom home when we both have other
full-time responsibilities?

You cannot afford to work with an inexperienced builder who will require you to personally take control of your custom home building project. Our professional team, will collectively work together to oversee the entire construction process. We build each home as carefully as if it were our own. We manage the progression of your project with a keen eye on timelines and uncompromised quality standards.

You can find more details on the Building Process page.
What do I look for in a lot?
First, we want to ensure that the size of the lot can fit the home that you want to build. Most villages have: size, height, and lot coverage restrictions that affect the square footage and location of the home. We also want to take into consideration: the types of homes that are surrounding us, obstructions, water/drainage issues, and location of schools. All of these items need to be considered when selecting a lot.
What are the benefits of building new?
You have the opportunity to build a home that completely caters to the way you and your family live day to day. All room sizes and amenities will be custom suited to your needs. You don't have to sacrifice finishes or quality by buying a used home that doesn't meet all of your criteria.
How do I get financing for the project?
Courtyard Custom Homes has established long term relationships with mortgage lenders and local banks that can provide you with an array of financial options. They will tailor a plan to meet your financial needs.
What is the warranty for a house?
Our focus is to establish a long term relationship with the buyer that doesn't end when the home is complete. We don't leave you high and dry after closing. When construction of the home is completed, we will do a check list walk-thru with the customer to ensure everything works correctly, and provide training on the various high tech features in our homes. We offer a full one year "bumper to bumper" warranty along with a 5 year structural warranty.
How do I pick the right finishes for my home?
There are hundreds of decisions that need to be made when building or renovating a home that can be overwhelming to a client. We want to take the stress out of the process by offering full service design collaboration on all of our projects.

Our on-staff design team will serve as your guide throughout the entire process, bringing your vision to reality. What would be a daunting process on your own, will become a team based approach to construction and design.

Please see the Design Services page for more details.
Where do I find an architect?
Every architect has an individual style and approach. Here's how to find the right architect for your project:
  • Search through online directories. Most will let you search for architects by location and by specialty
  • Request literature that describes the firm's qualifications and experience.
  • Meet with several prospective architects. It is important to have good "chemistry" with your architect.
  • Confirm that the architect you are meeting is the person who will actually work on your project.
  • Determine your architect's design philosophy and whether its compatible with your vision.
  • Ask for references from past clients. Find out how past clients feel about their new home.
  • Visit at least one project by your prospective architect. Ask the owners about any problems that may have been encountered during the design and construction of the project.
  • For restoration projects, check with your local historical society or historic zoning board.
How do I know if the materials used are of the highest quality?
Only the highest quality materials are used in our homes. We do not use any "generic" brands to cut corners or save pennies. We limit the amount of homes we build each year, to ensure strict quality control and expert installations. Every home is built by master craftsman, who take pride in their work and treat it as their own. Our reputation has been built from these principles.

More information can be found on the Best Practices page
What is GREEN building?
Courtyard Custom Homes has taken steps to not only build "green", but affordable green homes. Years before it was a popular term, we have been building energy efficient homes with sustainable products that are virtually maintenance free. This practice has helped our customers save "green", while preserving the environment.

Please see the Green Building page for details.
If I have my own architectural plans, will you build it?
Yes. If you have a completed set of blueprints, we would arrange a meeting between the parties and discuss your project. If you are in the design phase, we will provide our expertise in cost control and material selection to ensure maximum value is achieved for your home. We will collaborate with you architect throughout the entire scope of the project.
Who will help me with a budget?
Budgets can vary, based on the size of home and level of finishes. If a fully detailed plan and specification sheet is available, we can precisely account for the cost of construction. However, most times all the selections and design decisions have not yet been finalized. In that case, we will create a detailed spreadsheet that will show costs of current selections, and allowances for future decisions. The cost analysis sheet will provide us with a helpful tool in managing our costs. Our team will work together to ensure the owners' vision and budgetary goals are both met.