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Courtyard Custom Homes – Mission Statement

Courtyard Custom Homes has managed to consistently exceed our clients' expectations by conducting our business on the principles of: customer service, high quality of product, and value for the homeowner.

Building relationships

From start to finish, building a custom home can often take a year to complete. A relationship based on trust and honesty goes a long way to ensuring a successful and enjoyable project for our customers. Through open and interactive communication, we strive to ensure that we are working toward a common goal. Our commitment to building long lasting relationships with our clients even after the home is complete is what seperates us from everyone else.


All homes are not built the same. Sometimes people will choose their builder strictly based on the lowest price. Buyers beware, these types of builders are using "builder grade" materials. At first glance it may look acceptable to the untrained eye, but in a few short years the home will wear and show its age many times over. All projects by Courtyard Custom Homes only use the highest quality materials and subcontractors available. From hand picking our selections from vendors, to following strict code enforcement guidelines we are constantly monitoring the entire building process. This hands on approach is the only way to guarantee the highest quality home built from the ground up.


At Courtyard Custom Homes we don't just hire the cheapest subcontractor so we can maximize profits like some of our competitors do. We believe in a team unity approach to building your home. Our subcontractors endure a rigid approval process by us to ensure not only that they are the best at what they do, but when problems due arise they can work hand in hand together to resolve them. That teamwork philosophy creates a smooth building process and achieves the highest quality custom home. We work together with the client to discuss effectiveness of designs, and cost solutions. This process allows us to build the best home possible at an affordable price.


Your custom home is meant to reflect your lifestyle and your tastes. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients needs and wants and then doing our best to deliver a home that compliments you. We stand by you during the design process with an architect, and through our extensive experience can advise you on unwise choices or unnecessary expenses that can detract from the pleasure of building your home.


We take great pride in knowing what it means to be professional. It can be as easy as showing up on time or returning phone calls and e-mails, but sometimes it seems these courtesies are forgotten. These "little" things can build over time and leave the customer with a bad taste in their mouth. We strive everyday to hold our customers needs first and know how important it is for our employees and subcontractors to conduct themselves in a professional manner everyday. That's our commitment to you.

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