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Testimonials – What our clients say...

"We purchased, what was a new construction home from peter in August 2007. We obviously loved the home from an appearance standpoint and structurally it was the best we had seen during our buying process. We had interviewed several local builders prior to our relationship with Pete and found that many, not only lacked the knowledge, but didn't have the core customer service focus that Pete possessed. From our initial interactions with Pete to present (2 years later), our expectations have been exceeded in all areas.

I felt it was important to highlight a few of these areas:

Throughout the buying process, Pete opened up the home for ongoing inspection and invited us to talk to previous customers as well as any of his staff. This gave us a strong sense of comfort in the purchase. Once we moved in Pete was available for any of our needs and to assure there were no issues. If an issue appeared, Pete had people on location immediately to repair or correct it.

The home is of top quality and we have been thrilled with the experience. I would highly recommend Pete to anyone looking to design, build or rehab a home. It is rare to come across a builder with the attention to detail in the design building and relationship components of the house building process. Pete certainly goes above and beyond."

Jason & Jill

"From the moment I meet Pete, I knew he was upfront and honest person. After I looked at a finished home he was kind enough to show me, I knew he was a first rate builder too. I have owned four new homes, and Courtyard builders delivered a finished product like no other builder in the western suburbs. The other wonderful thing about Pete is that in the years after my home was finished, he has continued to offer great service. I highly recommend Courtyard Builders for your next home."


"The classic design and superior craftsmanship or our home built by Courtyard homes immediately caught our eye. However, our dealings with Peter made for a wonderful home buying experience. Whether it was final considerations on finishing's or questions we had after moving in – Pete has been with us every step of the way"

Jeff & Kelly

"We purchased a home from Courtyard builders in September 2005. While a lot has changed in the housing market since then, the quality and workmanship unique to Courtyard homes has not wavered. We looked at a number of big name builders and none surpasses the attention to detail by Pete. In addition, the personal approach of Courtyard homes allows you to truly know your builder!"

Mike & Lyn

"When my wife and I decided to move into a bigger home we did a considerable amount of homework. We knew we wanted to continue to live in Western Springs and having lived there for many years, we were already quite familiar with the market. Still, we looked at dozens and dozens of homes, both new and old, and we met with a number of realtors, so by the time we were ready to make a decision, we were confident that we knew the market and that we could accurately assess the value of a home.

To make a long story short, we saw a home built by Courtyard Builders and knew it was a great house and a good buy. Too bad it was already under contract. We nevertheless spoke to Pete and asked him if he could build us the same house but for less money. He said "no." After speaking to a referral, who raved about him, we hired him anyway. It was a wise decision. Pete built us a great house and working with him was a pleasure. As promised, he handled all the hassles that inevitably go with new home construction and he was kind, courteous, fair, responsive and knowledgeable. He built our house on time and for the contract price and when unexpected and unanticipated costs arose, Pete did not attempt to pass them on to us.

To this day we regularly look at other similarly sized homes and without exception they are more costly and not nearly as nice as ours. Pete adds details that others builders simply do not and his contractors are excellent.

Do your homework, compare Pete's product to other builders and then hire him. You will not be sorry."


"It was a pleasure to work with Pete Corluka and Courtyard Builders during the construction of our home in Western Springs. Pete's cooperation and flexibility in assisting us in the selection of flooring, lighting and other interior finishes was fantastic. Thanks Pete for building our home just the way we wanted it!"